Primary Integration Training

January 29-31 in Raleigh, NC

One of the best ways to become a strong presence in an I-Group is to participate in a Primary Integration Training (PIT). PIT is the designed to let initiated men learn and practice the fundamentals of MKP in a small, intimate environment. The next one in the Greater Carolinas Area is in Raleigh, NC on January 29-31. (There’s another being planned for Asheville the following weekend). At a PIT you will consolidate your gains from the Weekend and learn how to become an effective member of an I-Group (regularly occuring small circle of MKP brothers).

The hours are approximately the same as for the NWTA, starting on Friday late afternoon and lasting until Sunday mid-afternoon.

PIT is a less intense experience than the NWTA, and still many men find it just as rewarding. It’s a smaller event: about 10 participants and about four staffers. Here’s a small sample of the rich and diverse curriculum:

  • Warrior communication
  • Projections
  • Mission refinement
  • Basic I-Group processes
  • Fear and empowerment
  • Seeing your gold

PIT is a great way to deepen your connection with MKP brothers. And it’s an excellent way to rub shoulders with some seasoned, skillful MKP warriors who practice what we preach. If you ever want to serve as a staffer on an NWTA, you’ll need to do your PIT first.

Space is limited. There will be other chances to do your PIT in the future, but there will never be a better time than when you’re fresh off your NWTA.

The leaders for this PIT will be Ron Blankenship and Kevin Hedeen. Scott Dean and I will assist. The cost of putting on the PIT will amount to about $100 per man, depending on several factors. There’s a $25 deposit, and the balance will be handled through the “Creative Contribution Process,” which takes into account your financial situation and your spirit of generosity.

PIT participants are welcome to commute daily to the PIT. If you need overnight accommodations in Raleigh, we will attempt to find home hospitality for you.

If you’re willing and able to continue your MKP journey through the Raleigh PIT, email, saying, “I’m in!” If you do so, and the available spots are not exhausted, we’ll send you a packet of materials to help you prepare. Attached is more detail about this PIT.

For additional information about the training, contact Ron Blankenship: 919-749-6768 or