To me, the difference between the Elder and the Old Man is that the Elder focuses on living well instead of growing old.

Here is your opportunity to participate in Wisdoms, Blessings and Elder Fellowship:

MKP GCA Fall Elder Gathering,
10AM Saturday October 10th to 3PM Sunday October 11th
Camp Bethelwoods in York SC (just south of Charlotte)
All men are welcome – Reservation and sign-up start in September

Registration fee:

Deposit: $50
Prepay in full: $90

Go here to pay via PayPal

Some activities and explorations you will encounter at the Gathering are:

What is Joyful Longevity? Living to be 100 years old? There is no doubt that humans are living longer.
The question really is: Are we Living Joyfully as We Are Living Longer?
For some the answer is yes – for many the answer is no. This discussion will look at the populations of the world that routinely live to 100 years of age and are doing so joyfully. We will talk about actions you can take right away to dramatically impact your health, happiness and longevity.

And a perspective from the Native American tradition:
What Do We Do Now? A discussion regarding how to live our elder years using the teachings of a medicine wheel – North, South , East , West – Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual- a sharing about our future as elders

And a chance to better understand ourselves and others:
A workshop is designed to give people a better understanding of the personality and communication styles of ourselves and others. The focus is on learning about the various ways in which people’s behaviors communicate their wants and needs. The workshop will explore how to adjust your own communication style to better interact and understand another person’s style.

And a part of living is a graceful death:
Death is almost a taboo topic in our culture. Many of us feel deeply uncomfortable contemplating our end. This seminar will explore death and dying along the following dimensions:

  • Religious and philosophical traditions on death and dying (what do the major religions and philosophers have to say?)
  • Health Workers take on death and dying (what do those who work in this space every day have to say?)
  • Humorous takes on Death & Dying (Yes, death can be quite funny!)
  • The practicalities of death and dying (Wills, Living Wills, etc.)
  • A facilitated open discussion among ourselves on the topic

And, let’s not forget the fun and games:

Ever enter a room full of people, and wonder, for just a second, “Who Am I?”
You may just discover a new answer in this query session…
One last exploration, before taking resuming your… ah… normal? life.
Come Rigged for Fun.

Save the date and plan to join us in a celebration of the Elder Spirit!

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Dave Davenport (