ST1 is intended to empower you to grow and mature through service as an initiator of men on an NWTA by:

  1. Get Familiar with the fundamental concepts of the NWTA.
  2. Develop your NWTA preparation and process skills.
  3. Learn to use staffing experiences as “fruitful opportunities” for personal growth and improvement
  4. Gain access to self-awareness and self-growth tools & techniques.
  5. Get Insight into Power, Privilege, Difference, and Multiculturalism
  6. Begin mastering the Masculine Archetypes and using them as a lens to view weekend behavior (self and others) – gold (mature) and shadow (immature).
  7. Embody Your Warrior Energy

Starts: August 22nd
Saturday/Sunday for four hours each day for a total of 4 meetings
Start Time: 9 am EST
Max 14 participants
Leaders – Matt Kelly and David Rose
Cost: $195