ST1: Archetypes of the New Warrior
July 18-19, 2020
Mars Hill, NC

Dissecting the flow and processes of the New Warrior Training Adventure, men take a deeper look at the archetypes at the heart of our work. This 1½ day training is required for men before their 4th NWTA. The focus of the ST1 is the Warrior archetype, while teaching all four archetypes.

As with all MKP next-level trainings, this workshop is highly applicable to our personal and interpersonal selves. By looking at our internal “authority”, we discover our shadows in depth. This holds out the possibility of moving into a state of being wherein we change the world, one man at a time.

And, you will learn much more, in supporting, encouraging, and challenging you to fully use your potential as a LEADER in your life. This training will assist you in becoming more conscious in your personal life, and choices, with self, family, work, and I-group.

The training will be led by Dennis Shackley and Jeffrey Goldwasser. Both are Full Leaders, and together have over 200 trainings in leading weekends and circles of men. We will gather at the home of Tom Pitts in Mars Hill, NC, outside of Asheville.

A deposit of $60 is required. The anticipated Co-Creative Contribution Process “ask” is $150-$250. To register, click on the link below:

For further information, contact:
Darwin Honeycutt
or call 336 707 6856