Johns River Valley Camp overview

Reconnect with old friends and to make new ones in a beautiful environment

The Greater Carolinas Elder Gathering is being held October 28-30 at Johns River Valley Camp in Collettsville, NC.

Our featured presenter will be the outstanding Daniel Scruggs (Greater Carolinas Ron Herring award recipient), who will present an interactive journey in rhythm that celebrates the richness and uniqueness of different cultures throughout our world.

There will also be time for Elder Porches, free time, fun activities at the beautiful and scenic Johns River Camp. If the weather permits a fire for drumming and connection. As in the past, the event is open to non-MKP initiated men who may be interested in Elder values.

Cost for the event is $110 which will be collected online when registering. We will organize volunteer meal teams as we move closer to the event and will make sure that dietary needs are met.

We ask that only vaccinated men attend, and masks will be optional. This will be an alcohol-free event.

For questions please contact Bruce Chodosh or Richard Mertz.


Drum as One

Participants are provided professional quality djembe drums and are introduced to different traditional rhythms from various ancient and contemporary traditions of the world. This fully facilitated drumming experience includes components of team building, mindfulness, group empowerment and self-expression. Drum as One is inclusive for all populations and appropriate for individuals with no prior musical experience.

Rhythms of the world, patterns, reciprocity, dynamics, movement, listening, building

Relative Subjects
Geography, History, Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, African Studies, African Diaspora, Multi-Cultural Studies, Education, Diversity, Holistic Health, Indigenous Culture, Mental Health.